The Digital Inclusion Coalition Worksheets were originally created for use by attendees of Net Inclusion 2018 Coalitions Pre-Conference Workshop. They are intended to be completed by individuals, followed by group discussion.

  • Worksheet A Why create a community-wide digital inclusion coalition? Worksheet A helps individuals identify reasons their community might want/need a coalition.

  • Worksheet B An inclusive coalition does not happen by accident. Worksheet B will guide respondents into considering stakeholders who are important to engage and who are a potential organizer, convener and/or member of a core organizing group.

  • Worksheet C The Guidebook offers four focus areas for digital inclusion coalitions. Worksheet C asks what specific objectives of any of the identified focus areas (or others) might be.

  • Worksheet D A coalition's strategic plan should be created collaboratively by its members. Worksheet D is a starting point. It asks respondents to consider their coalition's mission, objectives and strategies.